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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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years ago the girl vanished. his car was found with dna that matched the teen. no body and no crime scene makes dna and usual testimony usual. a stolen bmw all caught on camera there is a vague description of two men coming in to look at cars. one man distracted an employee and the other went to the corner office to throw out his cup of water and the box of yeas can
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hes was on the -- keys was on it desk. >> the previous day one of our colleagues took his information because he wanted to get the car but we have his information his address, his social, phone number, andlife that stuff -- all of that stuff. >> the suspect came in multiple times. police still investigating this inis aaccident fe incident. >> we learning the names from the hot air balloon crash in texas. the coupled was married for less than 6 months the balloon ride was a birth day gift and they leaving behind a son. >> a long mower looks to be
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what started a fire that burns 120 acres in san jose. >> flames burned and no homes were damaged by the fire it is now fully contained the huge open space made it easy for crews get through and put the fire out. >> if you are mowing your grass we acyou do it early -- ask yowl you do -- ask you doearly. >> they are about 13 major wildfires a burning round the state according to cal fire. 3 hundred extra firefighters have been sent to fight a fire north of big sur. they are joining 5 thousand others fighting the fair. it charred about 40 thousand acres since it broke out a week
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ago it. is 18% and flames are threatening some 2 thousand structures. officials don't expect the fire to be fully contained until later this month and no word on a cause. vid you of 6 cars on -- video of 6 cars ons on fire. all of the car oils and fluids firefighters had to use foam to get the fire out and trying to top the fire from spreading was a challenge and the other challenges they have to face. >> there could be ezijial oil and we don't know what is in the vehicle and they pack the vehicles very close together. so tires can catch on fire. >> the fire is out and no word on the cause. >> a wildfire burning in the
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foothills of fresno is now 15 hundred acres and is 5 percent contained. it is burning through dry crass and woodland. the 3 hundred homes that are under acvacuolations are damaged. a request for a state for aid is accepted and more resources are headed to the area. >> on the first practice of training camp the team is getting prepared meant ate and physically. -- mentally and physically. >> competing quarter backs practiced side by side. and anthony davis is back from his one year retirement dropped some weight. and is at his best side yet.
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>> . golden state warrior star green had another social media fail today. he posted a picture of his genitalia on his snap chat, he sweeted hacked can't win right now and apologized saying wee are all one -- we are all one click away. and nirs he denied first he denieded it and then admitted it. >> people in new hampshire are anxious to learn who is holding the winning ticket to the power ball jackpot. the alucky person matched 6 out of 6 numbers but we have 3 winners in california who matched 5 out of 6 numbers and one is in the bay area. it was purchased in sunny vale.
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the other 2 were from long beach and those tickets are worth just a measly 7 hundred 85 thousand dollar. >> still ahead a look at weather. >> show s us what to expect in the days ahead.
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we will look at san francisco at the bay bridge and a nice clear conditions there. >> get right to it there i will tell you one thing you look at these temperatures i hope it is clear later this week when where am going out side and people are going to golden gate park this week and a big event out there. >> i hope they love the fog
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because here it comes, i looks like temperatures will be below normal. we have that fog working it's way in the bay and it will see some drizzle, and early tomorrow morning but big story is that cool air is reaching well inland right now and in libber more riverer -- 70 in oakland and 79 in san jose. things are changing already and we will see more that of in the coming days. low 60s san francisco ando 70s in oakland. and air quality is a big issue. we have smoke coming back in and
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some moderate pollutants. but looking good in the north bay and also in the south bay. the high pressure will weeken and it will track further to the east and it will allow temperatures to come down and you will see those numbers coming down in the bay area. it will take longer around the state and you will see hot temperatures in bakersfield and fresno. and a hot side. locally we will see some cooler temperatures along the coastline and watch out for it drizzle. and some slick roadways. 61 in golden gate park. 63 half moon bay, and in side andover the hill you will see temperatures in the 70s san mateo, and 71 in foster city, south bay is looking nice you
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will see plenty of sunshine and then as you head to the east bay. those hot temperatures long gone now. warm side in the afternoon. and mid to upper 80s. 65 and breezy in richmond. further inland a warmer spot, you will see a stronger sea breeze kicking in and in the north bay you will have 60s and 70s and low 80s in further inland those temperatures will be in the 88 -- 80s. we will watch the temperatures cooling down and a nice breath of fresh air for everyone. don'ter for forget to start
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with us tomorrow morning. have a great evening.
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plus, specially tagged vehicles get a $1000 smart bonus. only at the ford freedom sales event. ♪ feel free... >> music >> this is a look behind the scenes of a television station. >> kron 4 news >> the back story >> aaron: so, the morning stanley had his stroke. we got a phone call. >> aaron: and, it came to me saying, that he was going to the hospital. >> aaron: and, he probably had a stroke. >> aaron: i called the person back and was confirming it and figured out where he was going to the hospital. >> aaron: and, sure enough, stanley had had a series of strokes that morning. >> aaron: and, was lucky to be alive. >> aaron: lucky that his friend was there to help him out. >> aaron: myself and the assistant news director got in the car and were down there within an hour or so of stanley going to the hospital. >> aaron: and, we sat with him for several hours while, the doctors treated him. >> aaron: it was really strange to see someone have a stroke while you sit next to them in the hospital room.


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